Ways to Clean Tiles at Home


Tiles are a part of every house. Be it the kitchen, the bathrooms, patio, etc. tiles add beauty to the house. The different textures, colors, and designs can change the entire look of your home. When combined with the beauty of the carpets, furniture, and decorative items, tiles do their bit to make your home appear attractive and welcoming.But as with every other item, tiles also need to be cleaned regularly. While most of us sweep and mop the floor quite often, we ignore the grout. As time goes, the dirt and bacteria get accumulated in the grout, turning dark in shade. If you have shiny tiles in pale colors, the dark lines appear odd and spoil the overall beauty of the place. Also, the bacteria in the grout multiples and weakens the bond between two tiles.

Without proper care, the tiles may end up coming out lose. You will have to spend more money on replacing the tiles. To avoid such incidents, you should clean the grout and get rid of the bacteria regularly. Valley Estate Services is a cleaning company that offers affordable and reliable services for professional tile cleaning in Temecula. If you don’t have enough time or energy to brush and clean each tile, simply hire their services.

However, you can do your bit to care for the tiles and keep them neat and shiny.

Sweep and Mop

Sweep the floor with a soft broom or use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. Use a soft dry cloth to clean to tiles of the walls. Always sweep before you mop. Use a dry cloth before directly wiping the walls with a wet cloth. This way, you can avoid the streaks of dirt on the tiles after moping.

If you spill anything, wipe it immediately. Don’t let it sit for too long. The color might seep into the pores of the tiles and leave a stain that can be hard to remove. Use a mix of water of dish soap to clean the tiles. Change the water when it starts to get dirty. Using the same dirty water will affect the tiles.

Don’t wash the entire area at once. Divide the place into sections. Wash and dry one section first and then move on to another. Depending on the type of tiles/ flooring you own at home, the cleaning agents will have to be used. Harsh chemicals will harm you and the tiles. Try and use a mild soap or natural ingredients for the best results.


Cleaning the Grout

You have to use a toothbrush or a grout brush to clean each grout individually. Scrub gently after applying a paste of baking soda and water. Wash and rinse using warm water and let it dry.

Valley Estate Services also provides professional and experienced Carpet cleaner in Temecula. You can get the tiles and carpets cleaned for pocket-friendly prices. The company uses advanced equipment and non-toxic cleaning agents for effective cleaning results.

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