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Simple Ways to Keep the Carpets Clean

Carpets add much beauty, elegance, and charm to a house. But do you know that the carpets are one of the dirtiest places in your home? Just take a look at it. We mean, really look at it. Don’t see you all kinds of stains and marks on it? From food to mud to paints and oil, the carpet is a cozy home for germs and bacteria.

If you’ve got kids at home, you would already be aware of how fast the carpet gets dirty. Aren’t you torn between letting your child play on the floor and worrying if the kid will fall sick my picking something off the carpet?

You might vacuum it every day, even multiple times a day. But bacteria and germs don’t just die and get sucked by the vacuum cleaner. They lie waiting and breeding, ready to cause health issues at the slightest opportunity.

Though it might seem unnecessary, the best way to clean a carpet is by hiring Carpet cleaner in Temecula. Valley Estate Services has years of experience in cleaning rugs and carpets along with windows, tiles, upholstery, and grout among other things. As professionals, we know the right way to get rid of the germs and bacteria in the carpet without harming the color and quality of the carpet.

But what if you want to clean a stain before it becomes old and call the cleaners later on? It’s perfectly fine. You can clean spot-clean the carpet by using a plain white cloth and a mild carpet cleaning detergent or shampoo.

Do not use brushes to clean the stains, no matter what. We know it is hard not to scrub off a food stain but have patience. The rough edges of the brushes will damage the delicate fibers of the carpet. Though you may not notice it immediately, you will see a change in the texture and color of the carpet where you have scrubbed it with force.

Carpet cleaning in Murrieta takes time, energy, and effort. Using harsh methods or strong chemicals will not just ruin the carpet but will also cause problems for those who use it. Especially, children who will be in close contact with the carpet than the adults could get allergies due to the residue of chemicals in the carpet after it has been cleaned using a powerful detergent.

That said, having the right kind of equipment makes the job ten times easier. Professional cleaners own the latest equipment to clean carpets and rugs. They know which tool to use for different stains and also know the required amount of cleaning agent to get rid of the dirt.

Valley Estate Services sends the best cleaning professionals to your home for carpet cleaning in Temecula. We use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning agents so that the life of your carpet is not compromised. Contact us to book your carpet cleaning services today. Meanwhile, you can start taking care of the carpet leaving footwear to a side and training your kids and pets.

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